No Knife, No Cutting Remove Book Cover and Binding – HOW TO [video]

Here I present an alternate way to remove the cover and binding instead of using a box-cutter knife. A hair-dryer heats the binding glue up to the point it gets soft and can be pulled apart. I expect this method will work with most (if not all) paperback books, and even many hardcover books (as long as not bound using sewn signatures).

It might be possible to re-bind this book, after it has been digitized via a sheet-feed scanner, HOWEVER, I know nothing about book rebinding, so you will have to verify this on your own.

Before you comment “OMG you are destroying books”, please consider: this is, in fact a TRANSFORMTION. I am freeing information from the ancient and vulnerable wood-pulp format; preserving it; backing it up to multiple locations so that it is no longer vulnerable to fire, flood, and theft; and making it far more available to me than the ancient wood-pulp format.

However, DO NOT destroy your wood-pulp book if that book has sentimental and/or fiscal value — obviously.

HOW TO use a hair dryer to remove a book’s binding