OCR Showdown: Unveiling the Best for Book Digitization – A Comprehensive Comparison Between NAPS2 vs Adobe Acrobat

OCR (optical character recognition) is never perfect. But is it good enough? How does the OCR results produced by NAPS2 compare to the results from Adobe Acrobat Pro?

In this video, I make a very non-scientific comparison, using the metrics of FILE SIZE and QUALITY.

Evaluating OCR Quality: A Comparative Analysis Between NAPS2 and Adobe Acrobat

In this video, I explore the comparison of OCR (optical character recognition) results between NAPS2 software and Adobe Acrobat. I conducted a practical examination using a sample book file processed by both software programs.

File Size Discrepancy: NAPS2 vs. Adobe Acrobat OCR Outputs

I loaded the non-OCR file from NAPS2 back into the software, applied OCR, and saved the results as a new PDF. Surprisingly, the OCR output from NAPS2 had a larger file size, contrasting with Adobe Acrobat, where OCR typically reduces file size due to cleanup.

Text Accuracy Showdown: Microsoft Word Comparison

In the video, I demonstrated a direct comparison of OCR results by copying text from a specific page into Microsoft Word. The analysis revealed discrepancies in the OCR output of both NAPS2 and Adobe Acrobat, showcasing errors present in both cases.

Acceptable Imperfections: OCR Results for Book Digitization

Despite imperfections, I note in the conclusion that for my purpose of digitizing books, the OCR results from both NAPS2 and Adobe Acrobat were acceptable. I highlight the importance of considering specific requirements and use cases when evaluating OCR results.

Insights and Viewer Engagement: Concluding Thoughts

The video concludes by sharing insights from the OCR comparison and encourages viewers to provide feedback and ask questions for further discussion. Finally, I emphasize the hands-on nature of the comparison, underlining the adequacy of both OCR outputs for digitization needs.